About Me…

I was born in Jakarta on May 17th, 1979..

I’m the eldest in my family, i have 1 brother and 1 sister.

I’m a husband of a very lovely woman and a father of two gorgeous children. A boy and a girl..

i have a very wonderful life, family, career and friends..

My main activity is in wedding industry. i owned an Event Organizer and Wedding Organizer..

Life is a very short precious moment that men could ever experience…

That’s why i try so hard to appreciate life with the love to my family, my work and all my friends. Because they are the one who brings meanings to my life..

Most of the articles in this blog are re-posted article from many sources. I always type the original writer or site from where i copy the article. I do that in order to appreciate their work and also to make it easier for me to read them again and again. I expect you do the same if there’s any of the articles that you plan to copy from my blog.

You can interact with me HERE i’ll be happy to connect with great people such as yourself.

And u can read a little bit more about me HERE.

Thanks once more, for visiting… Wish u the best things in love n live.. Ciayou!!

Regards, Tommy Yoewono

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