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People Plus Systems Equals Great Sales


By Brad Sugars

When you ask many of the greatest salespeople in history
what their secret is many would answer – personality. But when asked how to
quantify and teach personality to others, these super salespeople are often
stumped. Teaching great sales involves a major re-education and a focus on
systems that make sales simple.

Sales scripts not only increase the sales of top performers
but also produce amazing results for the entire team. One rule of thumb, which
can be used in selling and in life, is that what you can measure you can manage
and grow! The ultimate test of a superior salesperson is how consistent their
results are and how consistent the results are for the entire team. Using a
sales script achieves this consistency and makes the training of new team
members simple and effective.

By introducing a sales system like a script, you can then
measure conversion on a daily basis and your sales will automatically increase
– guaranteed. So, exactly what does a sales script look like, how do you write
one and how is it used? Let’s look at this now.

A sales script is a documented, methodical, learnable,
effective system of selling your goods and services. It is a written process on
paper designed to give the salesperson control of the call (while the customer
‘feels’ in control) and create a desired result – the sale! It is written by
your number one salesperson, in answer to the question – Exactly what do you say
to a prospect to get them to buy your product? You may even choose to reward
your top salesperson for doing this by offering them a great incentive such as
a percentage of extra sales.

Let us briefly outline key parts of the ActionCOACH
sales script. Obviously, there are differences between sales scripts used on
incoming and outgoing calls; however, I will just detail some of the
universally used key ActionCOACH selling lines taken directly from our
sales scripts!

The opening:
“Could I just outline the reason for my call?”

“Would if be okay if we go through the call that way?”

Rapport Building :
“What’s your biggest challenge right now in that area?”

Below Waterline: “What’s
most important to you in…”

Paraphrase: “Based
on what you just told me, it sounds like…”

Temperature Check:
“How does that fit with what you had in mind?”

Secure the Sale: “Would
it be okay if I give you the steps in getting that process under way?”

Conclude the Encounter:
“Congratulations and bye for now.”

A script can be read, learned and must be practiced, used,
measured and improved (if needed) to increase conversion rate of prospects to
customers of all the team. Imagine taking the guess-work out of selling once
and for all by using a system which makes your sales results less people
dependant and more system dependant!

is a business coaching and training company that works with small to medium
sized business educating the business owner how to improve the sales and
marketing in their business.

For more information on ActionCOACH, please visit www.actioncoach.com

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